This is not just a recruiting blog. I can’t stress that enough to you. My goal is to not get pigeonholed into one box, but rather serve many communities within human resources and business operations. I will share “recruiting” industry related material, but we are also going to branch out a little, break out of our full cycle boxes, and see what else is out there. I want to explore more than just filling requirements


. I plan to really explore the benefit of having a strong diversity and inclusion initiative and its impact on a workforce. Eventually I will touch on organizational development, compensation, the evolution of the recruiter, the importance of reporting and analytics and much, much more. And that’s way more than just recruiting.

Every now and then you may see updates on new legislation that may have an impact on the industry. Don’t be surprise if you see recruiting jokes, memes, and hilarious recruiting videos. After all, we know that there is never a dull moment in the life of a recruiter.  There will also be best practices shared, guest bloggers and contributors, give aways, and meet-ups.

I will keep a comment section open so that we can share thoughts, ideas, and commentary with Recruiters, HR practitioners, Account Managers, Sales Managers, Coordinators, Job Seekers, or aspiring actors. Just remember, this is not a recruiting blog, so don’t limit the conversation to just recruiting.