Submitting your resume is your one and only chance to capture an employer’s attention, or for your resume to be tossed into the “not a good fit” file. Data shows us that the average employer only spends a few seconds looking at a resume, so it is imperative that it makes a great first impression. We can help with that!
Creating an effective profile on LinkedIn is just the beginning. We teach you how to successful self-market yourself on the network and on others. We focus on teaching you how to gain connections, participate in online engagements, and how to utilize your network for career growth.
We help develop job hunting strategies that will allow job seekers the opportunity to network with fellow job seekers in our workshops. We give job seeker tips and helpful information that will benefit their entire job search campaign: effective job search strategies, choosing an occupation, marketing themselves, using social networking sites in their job search, making a good impression, and the importance of follow-up. Below are some of the topics we discuss. 

Resume Writing – This workshop will teach job seekers to write a competitive resume. Topics covered include how to design your resume to work with Applicant Tracking System, writing employer-attracting content, identifying accomplishments, choosing a style of organizing and formatting your resume, customizing your resume to address employer needs, and more. Job Seekers will also receive a 1:1 session with one of our skilled recruiters. 

Winning the Interview This portion of the workshop focuses on presenting yourself with confidence, and succeeding in the behavioral interview.

Phone Screens  In this portion of the workshop job seekers will learn why companies use phone screen interviews, the key elements of phone communication, what the interviewer wants to hear them say, and how to answer the interviewer’s questions more effectively.

Salary Negotiation – Does the job seeker feel confident that they can negotiate the best salary with prospective employers? This workshop is designed to provide them with the necessary techniques for successful salary negotiation.

Overcoming the Unconscious Biases in an interview – People are naturally biased, which means even when they intend to be fair, their brain has a hard time being impartial. Of course, that’s no excuse to keep the status quo of unfair interviews. We can help job seekers prepare for an interview to counter these unconscious biases and prepare to win them through situational discussions. 

Networking & Social Media Tools Lastly, we will connect job seekers with individuals in their field or who share common interests and goals to help them build their personal brands, networks, and social profiles. 


Increase your LinkedIN network and visibility with a resume and profile make over.

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