Community Involvement – Get in Gear Program

We pride ourselves on being involved in the communities we serve. We are focused on developing the next generation of leaders. We volunteer countless hours to different sports and youth organizations in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Recently, we have partnered with the Elk Grove Animals to provided them with financial support and 100 volunteer hours for their 2017 spring football program. We see the impact that sports can have on the lives of our youth. Sports teach children the importance of team work, discipline, dedications, integrity, and hard work. We partner with youth sports organizations to provide merchandise fundraisers to help eliminated some of the cost and burden of running a sports organization.  We have developed a program called “Get in Gear”, that will allow your fans to look good, represent their team, and contribute to the seasons success. We work with local vendors to develop attractive, quality, team branded merchandise.

If you are a 501c non-profit organization and are looking to partner with Roz The Recruiter’s Get in Gear program, please contact us at