qtq80-wjHwxOWhen you’re first starting out in recruiting, it can be difficult to really get going. You find yourself second guessing everything. But don’t worry this is normal and you just have to find a small level of comfort in order to overcome this. Especially when cold calling. Keep in mind that the person on the other end of the phone has no idea that you don’t know what you are doing. They don’t know that you are new. They don’t know what you look like. They don’t know what you are wearing. They only know what you are about to tell them. Take advantage of that. Speak with confidence and quickly present the benefit of your call. At the end of it all you are a connection to a great company, with great benefits, and endless possibility. So act as such.

Stay focused on why you called this candidate. What did you see in their background, experience, and/or education that motivated the call? How well does that align to you hiring manager’s need? Use that! Share it with the candidate. Tell them why you called and why you got excited about them. Let them feel your excitement. Once you have them interested in you or your opportunity, then you can sell it, but not before you have discovered, their wants and desired outcomes.

Get curious about their background, what are they doing now? Are they happy? What makes them fulfilled in their current role? What about their current role would they improve? What would be of interest to them, that a recruiter could call them about? Make sure you listen to these answer, because they will be your only selling tools, when calling a passive candidate.

If I go to Costco and tell the sales rep that my coffee maker is broken and I need a new one and he shows me a toaster, what is the likely hood that I will keep working with him? I am absolutely not buying the toaster when I have a broken coffee maker that I need replaced. That same concept applies when candidates are sharing details about what they love and dislike about their current position. If you hear that the coffee maker is broken, offer them a new coffee maker with better features, shorter prep time, and longevity. Don’t be shy about exploiting the broken coffee maker. Is this a known issue with the coffee maker? Had it been recalled? Do the consumer reviews speak to this? If so share that information and then provide the solution. Recruiting is the same way.

Remember practice makes perfect. You aren’t going to be an expert at this things over night. It will take time and lots of practice. Go forward and give it a try!